Loop Drive: Crash Race

Loop Drive: Crash Race

Loop Drive: Crash Race Review

Loop Drive is a casual arcade game from Game Guru. It's an incredibly easy game to get started with but is frustratingly difficult to be actually any good at!

Basically you control a car on the left of the screen which goes round and round an intersecting loop, the idea is that you control it's speed using an accelerator and brake buttons so that it does not crash into the cars going round the right intersecting loop. Just like in the screenshot below.

As you play through the game you earn stars, these are exchangeable for other vehicles in the game, or you can purchase these unlockable items using purchased stars.

The game, I would describe as cute... It's playable, fun, but there is not much depth to it. It is incredibly hard to master so, if you are into it, and don't have much else to do, I can see it occupying many hours of some people's time.

For me, personally, I'd rather be playing something with a tad more substance. But hey each to their own and this will be seen as a little gem by some people. The game is free to download, and is available on both Android and iOS, so why not give it a download and make your own mind up.

If you do play the game, then be sure to check out our hints and tips to help you with your progress and tap into what we think you should be doing to get the best score.
3.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | Jun 10th 2015

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