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Tier List / Best Characters

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With all of the variations for each individual character available there are huge (and growing) set of possible characters to recruit in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.

The characters that you can get and use will have a star rating to give an indication of their strength, and in many cases they have an elemental aspect to their skills that will make them more or less useful in various battles. For this reason it is advised to try to recruit and develop a wide range of characters but it can be useful to know which characters are known as the best in the game. If you are trying to reroll for some high tier starting team then you can refer to the lists below.

Tier List / Best Characters

Tier Lists

Below are several lists of the better rated characters in KonoSuba. These lists are complied from several sources to represent the current top tier characters. As with any tier lists there will be different opinions about some characters and not all may be fairly represented. If you have any suggestions or characters you think need to be included or changed please let us know below.

Top Tier / S Tier

Melissa - Treasure Hunter
Amy - Motherly Maiden
Amy - Soother of Spirits
Chris - High-Flying Thief
Chris - Maid to Loot
Chris - My Treasure
Iris - First Casino Foray
Iris - Siblings
Iris - Royal Holiday
Megumin - Explosive
Megumin - Explosive Devotion
Wiz - Ice Witch
Wiz - Sweet Dreams
Cielo - Dancing Adventurer
Cielo - Axel Hearts
Dust - My Treasure

Second Tier / A Tier

Melissa - Elegance
Mia - Harried Housekeeper
Mia - Mischievous Beastman
Erika - Dancing Adventurer
Erika - Axel Hearts
Lia - Axel Hearts
Lia - Dancing Adventurer
Aqua - Nature's Beauty
Aqua - Hot Spring Heaven
Rin - Sun Soaked
Rin - Certified Wizard
Mitsurugi - The Chosen One
Mitsurugi - Dreamy Dealer
Arue - Best Bod
Arue - Dramatic Author
Cecily - Big Sister
Cecily - Cottontail Cleric
Dust - Delinquent Adventurer
Dust - Super Sledder
Yunyun - Megumin's Friend
Yunyun - Magic Academy Memories
Darkness - True Knight
Darkness - Total Ecstasy
Darkness - Hot Water
Megumin - Pajama Party
Kazuma - Household Hero
Kazuma - A Ball for Two

More tiers will be added soon. If you have any other suggestions or nominations for the lists please comment below.

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