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How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

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How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

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Like most Team building gacha based games KonoSuba: Fantastic Days gives you the chance to recruit random team members to start off your adventure. Each random pull gives a small chance only of getting a top tier character and the starting line up that you get to then build your team from can make your early game easier or harder depending on what you get.

You are not, of course limited to the initial pull as you will get many more opportunities to get new tram members as you play through the game but i you want to make sure you start out with a solid starting team then the answer is to simply reroll. This is out simple guide to rerolling.

KonoSuba ReRoll Guide

This game is very reroll friendly as you can get through the to initial character pull very quickly.

When you start up the game we recommend that you choose to play as a guest account initially. You can then link your game later to save it once you are happy with your roll.

Unless this is your first time and you want to experience it you can immediately skip the opening story section. You can then also skip past the battle tutorial and then finally the mini movie.

You will now get to make a 10x pull to get your first characters. Try this and see what you get.
How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

Once you have done this you still have further options. At present the game is awarding free Quartz to new players which will be given to you automatically. From the home You can also tap on the 'Gifts icon near the top right to collect some rewards. At present you will get even more Quartz and also 1 4 star guaranteed recruit ticket.

How to reroll in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

If your opening pull is not bad and you want to see if you can improve on it then you can use the 4 star ticket to try for a good 4 Star and also the quartz to make more 10x pulls to bolster your roster. Open the recruit option and look under 'Other' for the 4 Star recruit.

Once this is done you can review your characters in the Team section.

Reset and Reroll

Not got your desired pulls, or think you want to try for better luck then your next step is to reset your game. This is easy to do and fortunately doesn't require that you uninstall the game.

Select the 'Menu' option fro the bottom menu list. Then from this main menu screen tap on 'Profile'.

In the profile screen you will see a button to 'Remove Account'. Tap this to open a box which give you the option to remove or reset your account. In the text box you need to type in 'Reset Account' then confirm.

Reset your game
Reset your game

You will be returned to the title screen to begin the process again.
We wish you good luck with your rerolls.

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