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Kingdom guard is both a tower defense game where you merge your fighters to upgrade them and reach higher levels and also an alliance based strategy game.

You will begin by clearing campaign stages to protect your dragon egg but as you progress you will need to team up and complete many quests to reach the higher levels. If you are new to playing Kingdom Guard check through out top cheats and tips to help you get started.

Hints and Tips

For the tower defense section of the game you will need to just grind through this, although activating the auto merge either through watching an ad or purchasing a package will be a great time saver. Your troops will be limited by the castle level but as you recruit and upgrade heroes they will let you make easier progress.

Once unlocked make sure to join an alliance, and for the best benefits you will want to find an active alliance. Many of the activities you need to complete and events that you can take part in you will need the help of the alliance.

This includes simple things such as you can ask up to 3 times a day for stone, gold and speed up help from your alliance but you will only get it if your alliance ha active members to respond to your requests frequently.

There are also many rewards to be gained every day from titan rallies wich you can start or join. You will need to be close to your alliance team mates for this so make sure to make use of the teleport option after you join an alliance to move close to them.

Once in an alliance you should be sure to donate gold to the alliance as much as possible. This will get you alliance coins to spend in the alliance store for many useful items such as recruitment tickets.

Keep an eye on the alliance gifts to collect any from titans and purchases. As well as claiming rewards from alliance challenges.

For more rewards you can get free rewards each day from the offers shop. (box icon on the upper right). Here you can watch ads to get free chests, gold and more loot every day.

On the lower right menu check your mail regularly and Daily and Chapter quests lists. The more daily challenges you can complete the better rewards you can get.

Make use of the recruit tickets you earn in the Tavern (under your castle) to earn new heroes and upgrade the best ones that you have.

Check the events list by tapping the horn icon near the top right. This give a daily calendar of active and upcoming events and options at the top showing any other activities that you can complete for rewards.

Check through the events list shown to see what you can do now for more rewards and what you may need to prepare for in the future.

As with many strategy games you will be greatly rewards the more active you can be in the game. The more you can play the faster your progress will be.

We hope these tips give you a good start in Kingdom Guard. If you have any questions about playing the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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A game for pay to play players. The fun and success you have as a free to play player is completely dependent on what server you end up in and how the strong in the server treat the weaker players
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