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Starting a New Island
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Starting a New Island

Here is a list of what to do first when you start a new island on Idle Theme Park Tycoon.

Starting upgrading everything you have you'll notice that cash is rolling in a lot faster, so you can just hold down the upgrade button on the parking lot and cashiers to make sure loads of people can enter your park, then just hold down your finger on the shooting gallery upgrade and max out the two bottom options (increased seating and increased queue).

Then check if you can open up new rides and open them and upgrade them as soon as you can.

Watch some ads to increase your early earnings, especially the helicopter investor ads, that will bring you the most cash quickly.

If you are going offline, don't forget to start a marketing campaign, and watch the ad for double earnings for 2 hours.

Starting a new island, does reset your game, but it's the only way to progress and unlock new rides and islands. You also lose all the money you have collected, but it's ok, because you'll be earning it all back again really fast!

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