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Aqua Park
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The October 2019 update to Idle Theme Park Tycoon has unlocked the Aqua Park update which basically allows you to run both your existing Theme Park and an additional Aqua Park.

These are two separate island parks and the money earned in one is not transferable to the other.

The new Aqua Park is played on the same basis as the Theme Park, you need to upgrade the rides, unlock more rides and improve the park services such as food, toilets, ticket booths and parking.

Improve the rides for more money
Improve the rides for more money

As with the Theme Park, be on the look out for boosts, especially the helicopter where you can get to see an ad in exchange for extra cash in the game.

Just like when you first started the Idle Theme Park, things are very slow to start with and your multiple will be non existent. Also, you can unlock other Aqua Park islands if you earn enough money, the benefit to this is that even though you'll be starting over, you'll be starting off with a better multiple so you'll be earning more than previously in no time at all.

More Aqua Park Islands are Unlockable
More Aqua Park Islands are Unlockable

Don't forget, you can switch to the original Theme Park game whenever you want.

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