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Best Tips and Hints
Idle Theme Park Tycoon Guide

Best Tips and Hints

We thought we'd put together a collection of our best tips for Idle Theme Park Tycoon, to help you get all the way to the elusive Hidden Island.

Best Tips and Hints

Upgrade Everything New
When you unlock a new ride, the best value upgrades you can do will be on the initial levels, take the ride up as high as you can straight away, remembering also to increase the number of seats and the queue.

Don't forget the Parking, Toilets and Ticket Booths
These are important also to upgrade as well, the most important are the parking and ticket booths, keep an eye on the queues outside and open more ticket booths and increase their levels when you can. Check the car park counter, if it is zero or near zero, then your car park could be getting filled, and you should really upgrade it.

On a New Island, Tap the Helicopter
If you don't usually tap the helicopter to watch ads, it's a really good idea to tap the helicopter when it arrives on a new island. It's the best way to get a chunk of cash really fast, just sit through the ad and collect the reward, and then go ahead and upgrade your rides.

On the first island, look out for all the boosts
On the first island especially, all of the ad related boosts are really handy in getting you a head start to making money. As you get further along with the other islands, only the x2 VIP Campaign and the Helicopter seem worth watching the ads for. But it's a personal choice.

When you get enough money get a new island
As soon as you reach the money for a new island, unlock it, you can't take any of the cash with you, but you will unlock the opportunity to open a new ride on the new island, and be on a higher profit multiplier, so you'll back to where you were in no time at all.

Save tokens for Elite Vending Machine
It's not too hard to get 350 tokens by completing the missions in the game, or by watching some of the helicopter videos, it offers a lot better value that the ordinary Vending Machine. So best to wait until you get 350 tokens and try the Elite Vending Machine.

Get Collectibles via the Elite Vending Machine
Get Collectibles via the Elite Vending Machine

Check the Stats Icon to see your worst performing ride
Check the bar chart icon with the arrow on it at the top of the game screen, to see which rides you still need to improve. It will give you a good indication if anything is wrong at your park, and if you've forgotten to upgrade anything.

Use Marketing Campaigns
As I don't have a general manager,. my park will only be open for 2 hours once I go online. So I use the TV ad campaign which will give 60%+ visitors to the park for two hours. Combined with other boosts, such as double earnings VIP Campaign and double speed rides, you can really start to make the boosts work well together.

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