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Welcome to our Idle Theme Park Tycoon guide. This mini guide explains about the game, upgrades, how to get free tokens, how to unlock hidden island and how to unlock the other islands. We'll also be noting our best strategies to get the most money in the game in the quickest time possible.

Head over to our Idle Theme Park...ips page for more great info on how to play the game.


The quickest way to make a lot of cash in Idle Theme Park Tycoon is to get a lot of boosts, via watching ads. there are a number of options here, and basically you watch a short video ad, and in return the game gives you tokens, game cash, or a temporary boost.

Express Lane Cashiers

Watch a short ad for a 30 sec boost in the number of people that can pass through your ticket booths, basically everyone in the queue, will go through immediately for the next 30 seconds. Look out for the ticket icon at the top right of the screen to use it when it's available. It's a great way to clear the queues at the ticket booths and bring in a heap of cash fast. If you notice that you are experiencing big queues at your ticket booths, then this could be an opportune time to watch an Express Lane Cashier ad.

Extra Customers - Ferry

Look out for the ferry icon at the top right of the game screen, when this appears you have the option of watching a video ad to instantly get a ferry with extra customers. This will bring a decent revenue boost to your park for a short time in return for watching an ad.

Faster Rides

Look out for the x2 speedometer at the top right of the game screen, this will make your rides work twice as fast for a limited time, bringing you in more cash for the duration of the boost. You need to watch a video ad to get this boost.


Receive tokens from investor in exchange for watching an ad. Tokens are the premium currency in the game, so it's worth watching the ad if you are a free to play player and want some free tokens in Idle Theme Park Tycoon. To access this, look out for the helicopter when it is on the helipad and tap it. Note: sometimes the offer from the investor is not tokens, but game cash.

Tip: The game seems to increase your rewards the more of these investor ads that you see.

Multiple Boosts

Sometimes it's a good idea to bang out a few of the boosts straight after each other, for example, extra customers from the ferry, express cashiers and faster rides.

Upgrading Rides

It's really important that you upgrade your rides as much as you can. In order for your rides to be more profitable, you need to constantly upgrade them. There are generally three ways to do this:

Upgrade the Ride itself

Add Seats

Expand Queue

You won't be able to just upgrade one of the elements, you'll have to upgrade all three, as sooner or later you'll hit a limit which says you can only upgrade something if something else is a certain level.

Upgrading Rides
Upgrading Rides

Tip: As soon as you open a new ride, click as many of the upgrade options as you can, opening a ride and leaving it a low level makes no sense. The early upgrades are super cheap, so use any spare cash to upgrade whatever you can for your new ride.

Tip: Increase seating on your rides if you notice that the queues are significantly longer than the number of available seats. Adding more seats will make your ride more efficient and increase it's profitability.

Upgrading Parking, Toilets and Ticket Booth

As well as the rides, you should also keep an eye on parking, toilets and ticket booths to make sure that no long queues are forming, and there is enough spaces for visitors to park at your theme park.

Upgrading Parking

It's important to keep an eye on your available parking spaces. To maximise the profits in your Idle Theme Park, make sure you have enough parking spaces. If you notice that your parking lot is full up, then consider upgrading with more parking spaces. At the parking lot there is a counter which says how many free spaces you currently have.

As well as parking spaces, it is well worth adding the two extra security upgrades to bring in more revenue per second.

Upgrading Ticket Booths

To allow a steady flow of visitors to your theme park you will want to minimise the queues. you can do this by adding more ticket booths, and upgrading the ticket booths.

Upgrading the Toilets

Better toilets means guests will stay at your theme park for longer and spend more money. Keep an eye on your toilets to make sure you don't have big queues, and upgrade when necessary.


There are 169 missions (as at 8 July 2019) in total in the game, each complete task will be rewarded with either tokens or game cash. At the top right of the screen you see a square icon, when it has a tick in it, it means you have completed a task and you can claim something, usually tokens or game cash. Tap the icon to enter and see what you can claim, and also see what missions are next to complete.

Completing the missions is a great way to get free tokens in Idle Theme Park Tycoon.

Premium Upgrades and Boosts

There are a number of upgrades and boosts that you can purchase with real money.

General Manager

To keep the profits rolling in when you are not around, you can purchase a general manger, however you'll need real money to do this. To hire the general manager it costs 9.99 or the equivalent in your local currency. And basically he'll operate the theme park for 10 hours at a time, whenever you are away from the game. This upgrade is permanent, so you'll only have to purchase him once.

Golden Gates

Upgrade you entrance to Golden Gates to receive double profits forever, plus 300 coin tokens. It costs 4.99, but the upgrade is permanent.

Unlocking More Islands

There are a number of islands that can be unlocked as you accumulate enough cash in the game. Certain rides can only be built on certain islands. For example, the Jungle Ride can only be build on Wild Island.

Once you have purchases a new island, the previous island is effectively sold, and you have to start from the beginning again, but with a higher profitability setting, so it is quicker earn the cash again, and go on to the next island.

The idea is to unlock all islands and finally unlock hidden island in Idle Theme Park Tycoon.

There a number of islands to unlock in Idle Theme Park Tycoon
There a number of islands to unlock in Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Head over to our Idle Theme Park...ips page for more great info on how to play the game.


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