Idle Supermarket Tycoon

How to Play Idle Supermarket Tycoon

How to Play Idle Supermarket Tycoon
Idle Supermarket Tycoon Guide

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The game’s goal is to simply grow your supermarket and expand your business in other regions, and countries. You do this by gradually improving the services that you provide inside your supermarket. Each time you reach a certain amount of resources, the game will offer you to unlock the other departments in the supermarket -- which of course will enable you to have greater opportunity to earn.

Starting Up

How to Play Idle Supermarket Tycoon
When you start the game, it will introduce some of the most basic of things like upgrading a department -- for instance, the produce section. There are 3 things to consider when upgrading a department. First is the quality of goods you sell -- the main idea is that the better the product you sell, the higher profit you earn per customer. Second is the number of employees you have per department -- the number of employees you have equates to a multiplier of your earnings for the same duration. Lastly, the efficiency of your workers -- as they become more efficient, it chops off a considerable amount of time to serve customers, which means you get to serve more customers for the same amount of time.

How to Play Idle Supermarket Tycoon
Another thing you’ll learn early in the game is that cashiers are the bottleneck of your growth -- as it wouldn’t matter how fast your employees are in your department, if your cashier lines can’t catch up on the flow of customers. Irate customers will just leave the line, and wouldn’t count as a sale (which could impact those that purchased high value stuff like those in the real estate department).

Lastly, there is also the parking area. When you improve the parking area, you get to invite more customers to come and visit your supermarket. However, make sure that the flow of foot traffic generated by your parking area can be accommodated by the departments in your supermarket or you’ll see a lot of frustrated customers inside your supermarket. You can also advertise in the parking area by clicking on the signage, and spending your resources for ad upgrades (which will automatically equate to an expected amount of foot traffic).

Basic Objectives

1. Unlock departments on the supermarket.
2. Improve foot traffic by upgrading your parking area (tapping on the signboard).
3. Aim to boost your earnings by upgrading your goods.
4. When upgrading becomes too hard to push through, save money to unlock the next city.
5. Always check your deliveries for the additional income.
6. Be mindful of the supermarket’s bottleneck -- check where people gets frustrated and try to resolve it. Although usually, it happens at the cashier line so make sure to improve it.
7. Check your supermarket stats and evaluate where you could improve better in terms of productivity.
8. Try to complete the missions to earn hefty Gem rewards (to purchase Epic Upgrades).
9. Improve your overall performance by purchasing Epic Upgrades.

What to look out for

1. VIP vehicle will always give you an amount factoring in your total earning capacity -- so make sure to unlock the most expensive department you can afford as soon as you can.
2. Collect money from your deliveries for that extra income.
3, If your store becomes all too hard to upgrade, skip on the upgrades and start saving up to unlock the concluding city.
4. Do not save up more than the amount that the next city will cost you. When you transfer onto the next city, you’ll start again from scratch -- with zero balance.
5. Angry customers will tell you your supermarket’s problems. Check where it is happening. For instance if it happens inside the departments, it only means they are not getting service as soon as they want -- which means you need to improve that pertaining department by hiring more staff or improving their productivity.
6. Watch ads that will boost earnings and the ones that bumps your check out counters’ speed as well as the cashier. This way, you can avoid unhappy customers.
7. Take note that checked out customers that didn't pay because of a long line at the cashier does count as a sale -- so make sure you have enough cashiers at your store to accommodate the foot traffic that you trying to serve.

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