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How Do I Build other Stalls in my Supermarket?
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How Do I Build other Stalls in my Supermarket?

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How Do I Build other Stalls in my Supermarket?

Building new stalls or as “Departments” as they are called in the game becomes available when you reached a certain value of resources in the game. Upon reaching a threshold of the required value of resources to unlock them, you’ll see an (!) exclamation point marker on the admin portion of your supermarket. To get the upgrade (or the new department), simply click on the admin office, and push through with the purchase.

From the get go, you’ll only have access to the first 3 or 4 departments (Produce, Bakery, Butcher, Seafood) -- due to the earning capacity of your first supermarket. However, once you move on to the Small Village, you’ll get 50x multiplier in earning which will boost quite a bit of your earnings that will allow you to gather resources much faster, which in return enables you to unlock the concluding departments like the Clothing, and Perfume departments.

How Do I Build other Stalls in my Supermarket?

As you climb up the ladder, you’ll be required to produce exponentially bigger amount of resources to unlock the different departments. Their sequence and cost are as follows:

1. Produce
2. Bakery
3. Butcher
4. Seafood
5. Clothing
6. Perfume
7. Electronics
8. Telecom
9. Jewelry
10. Car Dealership
11. Real Estate

Given the significant difference in resource requirements, do note that you wouldn’t get to unlock the latter departments until you’ve probably reached/unlocked bigger cities in the game. Technically speaking though, it is plausible to save enough resources to unlock those departments in smaller cities, but it would take you a lot of time to save up the same amount when compared to bigger cities with higher multipliers.

How Do I Build other Stalls in my Supermarket?

Take your time unlocking the different departments. Instead, focus your efforts on upgrading the latest department that you have -- for the reason that it will pump up the highest amount of earnings. When you’ve reached the point where leveling/upgrading the latest department becomes a drag (when 1 level of upgrade takes you an hour), it is a sign that you are ready to move on to the next city (and focus on just saving your resources to get there).

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