Granny: Chapter Two

Items and their uses

Items and their uses
Granny: Chapter Two Guide

As with the original Granny game there are a lot of items hidden around the house that you will need to find to make your escape. Not all of the items are needed for either of the escape methods but you will need to find and use many of them to progress and access locations.

With each playthrough of the game the items will be arranged in different places so unfortunately we cannot offer a guide to finding exactly what you want, but check out the house guide to learn the many locations that you should investigate.

If you find any more items not listed please let us know in the comments below.

This is used to open 2 wooden boxes to check for more items, one outside your starting room and one on the balcony area of the second floor. It is also needed to remove the boards from the front door.

Padlock Key
This is needed to unlock a control box in the sub basement area to make the boat escape and also to remove a padlock on the front door to escape that way.

Security Key
This is needed to access the security room (view monitors) and gain access to the loft area.

Boat Key
This will be needed to start the boat and make your escape via the tunnels.

Safe Key
This opens the safe near the front door, to check for more items to find.

Weapon Key
This will let you open the hidden weapons cabinet to access a shotgun.

Stun Gun and Ammo
May be used to stun one of the enemies to collect an item from them.

Shotgun and Ammo
Required to access a locked area in the loft.

Hand Wheel
This is used to raise the metal cage covering the the front door.

Boat Steering Wheel
Required to attach to the boat if you want to escape via the tunnels.

Gasoline Canister
Required to add fuel to the boat if you want to escape that way.

Spark Plug
Required to add to the boat to make it work.

Cutting Pliers
Can be used to access a box in the loft to search for more items and is also needed to cut power to the electrical field over the front door.


Door Handle
Needed to add to the front door so that you can open it.

Door Lock

If you have any more details to add to this page please let us know below. If you have any other questions for this game please head to the answer page to ask them there.

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