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The house that you are trapped in in Granny Chapter 2 has 5 levels to it and contains a number of secret areas to discover. The items that you need to find can be located in many places and each may need other items to be able to access them.

This is an overview of the levels of the house and some possible locations to check for items.


You will start the game by waking up in a small room in the basement. There is only a bed in this room. In the rest of the basement you will find a wooden box that you can open with a crowbar, some shelves that may contain items, A spindle on a wall that you can attach a hand wheel too and a room with a torture device in.

There are 2 stairs one leading up and the other leading down to the Sub Basement

Sub Basement

Down here you will find a Sewer / Drain tunnel that has some nasty looking water in it. There is a boat that is missing a few items and at the back a cabinet that needs a padlock key to open. We strongly recommend not taking a dip in the water.

Ground Floor

Moving up from the basement you come to the ground floor. This floor has the Front door that you can escape from but it is protected by several locks and security measures.

On this floor you can find several cupboards that may all have items in them. Moving around you will find the front door with its layers of security. Opposite this is a walk in cupboard area with a safe. You will need a key to open this, there is also a chest of drawers. Moving forward is a Living room area with a TV, check the tall clock in the room and tap on the clock face to open it and check for items.

Towards the back is a Bathroom with a small cupboard to check. Then in the back area you fill find a piano that may have an item under the lid. If you move to to the book case that is by the door to the TV room check and tap the top left book on it to reveal a secret area in a small hole behind it. Inside you will find the weapons cabinet but you will need the weapon key to open it.

Second Floor

Moving upstairs again to the second floor you find the kitchen. This room has many cupboards to open and check. Next move down a short corridor which has a small bedroom to one side. Check this and the cupboard in it for items. On the opposite wall of the corridor is a painting. If you knock this off the wall you will find an electrical supply box with a wire that can be cut.

Moving forward into the dining area you will see the another small cabinet and to the right are 2 narrow blocks against the wall in the corner. If you knock these out of the way you can find a small gap to crawl into with 2 alcoves that may contain items. you can also move to the far end and exit this space back into the small bedroom.

To the left of the dining area is a corner door behind which is the security room with monitors for the CCTV cameras. You will need to find the security key to open this door. Moving round further on this floor is a door to a blur room / balcony area. There is another wooden box here to open with a crowbar. At the back of the second floor is the main bedroom. Check the various cupboards in this room. In the far left corner is a small vent in the floor. You can drop down through this into the shower cubicle in the bathroom below.


Back in the security room on the second floor is a ladder that takes you to the loft space. There are 2 more rooms up here. The first small room has a cupboard to check. It slao contains a vent in the floor that will let you drop quickly down to the dining area below.

The second room has a chest of drawers and a barred section that you can access by shooting the red button on the far wall with the shotgun found in the weapons cabinet. Once you access this room there is a chained box to open that you will need the cutting pliers for.

Thanks for checking out our overview of the house. If you have any tips to add please let us know below and head to the Answers Page to ask and questions.


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