Granny: Chapter Two

How to escape Granny Chapter 2

How to escape Granny Chapter 2
Granny: Chapter Two Guide

There are many pitfalls and dangers in the house of Granny and Grandpa in Chapter 2 of this horror survival, escape room hybrid game. In this guide we want to focus on the items you need to find and the actions you need to take to escape from the house.

The items that you will need can spawn in a variety of locations in the house and we suggest you make yourself familiar with these to help you navigate and stay safe.

There are 2 methods to make your escape and reach the end of the game, you can leave by the front door or by using a boat found in the sub basement. Each will require the use of different items and controls.

Front Door Exit

The front door is protected by several security measures as listed below. Click to reveal the items needed to remove the obstacles:
Metal cage - Find a 'Hand Wheel' item and place it on to the small spindle found in the basement wall outside of your starting room. Tap to turn itShow
Electric Field - Find the Cutting Pliers then knock a painting off the wall in the second floor corridor to reveal an electric supply box. Cut the wire.Show
Wooden boards - Find the crowbarShow
Missing Door handle - Find the door handleShow
Padlock - Find the Padlock keyShow

Boat Exit

The boat is found in the sub basement. Go down the stairs roughly opposite your starting room to find it in a water tunnel / sewer below. It has several missing items and a barred gate blocking your exit via the water tunnel.
Open the gate - Find a padlock key, use it on the locked wall box found in the sub basement behind the boxes. Inside find a switch to activate the gate.
Missing spark plug - Find the spark plugShow
Missing steering wheel - Find the boat steering wheel.Show
No Fuel - Find a gasoline canister. Then use it to fill the boat tank.Show
Missing key - Find the Boat keyShow

After competing either of these you can escape the house and end the game.

If you have any questions for Granny chapter 2 please head to the Answers Page to ask them there.

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