Granny: Chapter Two

Difficulty in Granny Chapter 2

Difficulty in Granny Chapter 2
Granny: Chapter Two Guide

Like the previous game you can play Granny Chapter 2 with various difficulty levels depending on the amount of challenge you want, the number of scares you want or just how you like to play. There are 5 levels to choose from including a practice mode.

There is also an optional 'Darker' Mode which will make the house very dark as you move around. You can increase your brightness to see better close to you but you will still struggle to see anything at a distance.

Practice mode
This setting is very useful for getting used to the house itself and checking out the rooms, cupboards and locations of items. Remember items will appear randomly in each playthrough. In Practice mode, Granny and Grandpa are not at home so you are not in danger while exploring.

The practice mode also allow you to play as a standard room escape game. You can find the items, discover the secrets and escape the house without the tension of the full game experience if you prefer that. It is still possible to die even without Granny chasing you so be careful.

Granny and Grandpa move slowly, the floors don't creak to give you away and you can choose to only have 1 of the enemies.

Granny and Grandpa move normally, but the floors do now creak. You can still choose to only have 1 of the enemies.

Granny and Grandpa move faster, the door has an extra lock and you must have both enemies.

Are you mad? Granny and grandpa now move faster than you, the front door has 2 extra locks to beat and the 'darker' mode is always on.

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