Golf Clash

Hints and Tips for Golf Clash

Hints and Tips for Golf Clash
Golf Clash Guide

Golf Clash is a 1v1 multiplayer golf simulation game from Playdemic with plenty of action and lots of game play options, equipment and courses to unlock and experience.

To help you get the best of the game we have compiled a list of our top tips and game advice here. Please have a read though and let us know if you have any more helpful hints to add.

Practice your Timing
The basic game play mechanic once you have decided on the shot you want to make is timing. releasing that swing at the right moment each time will give you the best chance of success and it is worth practicing and practicing some more. As you progress in the leagues and tournaments you will not be able to afford to make mistakes with this so get your eye in early.

Experiment with your shot placement
For each shot you take the game will give you a good guide to the shot placement on the fairway or green that you can then attempt but you are free to change this and it is worth trying out different shots to see what you can achieve. Especially as you open up different options with better clubs and balls to let you add spin and slice
and as you encounter different wind conditions.

Taking a risk with adding more power to your shots (if you have your timing down as above) can also give you a small advantage in the right situations, albeit at a risk.

As you unlock new clubs take the time to get to know what they can do and if they are going to be useful to you. Each type of club will have some standard example and some rarer ones with improved abilities that you should be aiming to acquire and upgrade when you can.
All of your clubs can be upgraded but it is better to save for upgrades on the top tier clubs that you will be using in the long term and dropping the beginner clubs as soon as possible.

All of your goodies in the game will come from opening chests. These can be earned during play, bought in the shop and you can also get them for free. A free chest is available every 4 hours and its worth checking in when you can to open these. You can also earn a platinum chest if you choose to lick your game to your facebook account.

More rewards
There are more opportunities to gain rewards that can be very useful. Complete the achievements in the game for gems that can be used for anything, and take the option to watch adverts to earn coins. You will need to pay a fee to enter tournaments and events in the game to give you the chance to win more prizes so coins will always be needed for this.

Play tours
The tours in the game are going to be the primary source of coins, trophies and chests so you will need to be playing them but stick to the ones that you can perform well in as you will need to pay the entry fee for each one you participate in and losing will not get you any reward.

It will take some time to practice the timing, learn the various courses, unlock the good clubs and learn to use them effectively so give yourself time to get used the the game and don't try to move up the leagues too quickly.


We hope this list was useful to you. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there or see if we already have your answer listed.

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