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How to pick Club stats

How to pick Club stats
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Our guide to clubs in golf clash gives details on the clubs available to obtain in the game. Here we have more information about the stats and benefits that each club can bring.

What are the stats

The club power stat will determine maximum distance range that you can use it to drive the ball. The final power / distance of your shot though can be affected by the power you choose to apply to the shot and can also be increased with the use of special balls.

The accuracy stat refers to the clubs ability to place the shot on target even with minor mistakes made with the shot release. The higher the accuracy the smaller the possible target of landing areas is meaning that any mistakes will leave you closer to the original destination. It does not make your shot timing any easier only reduces the penalty for errors.

Top Spin / Back Spin
These add the option to add top or back spin to your shot and with every increase of 10 points in the stat you get 1 extra bar of potential spin effect added to the shot selection.

This stat will let you apply a fade or draw effect to your shots to let you curve them around tree for example or deal with cross winds. This can also give the ball a side spin effect on landing.

Ball Guide
When lining up your shots the higher the ball guide the more of the shots predicted path can be seen. While the predicted shot trajectory will still be affected by your timing, wind and other factors a high ball guide score will let you plan more perfect strokes so that you have the opportunity to play them.

Which stats to look for

The stats of a club will give you a good basis for choosing it in any circumstance but not all stats are beneficial to all clubs and all situation. So which ones to look for? In general you want to concentrate on stats that will improve your chances of getting to the pin quicker and without the risk of making mistakes. This will give you the best chance to lower your score and win a hole.

To help you stay accurate as you play the ball guide stat is almost always beneficial. The only club it is not too useful for is your driver as you are generally just looking for power here.

Having max power for the driver clubs is your best bet but also look for accuracy and the spin options (top, back and curl) to give you plenty of placement options when you tee off.

For the irons and wedges clubs a good bit of power will help as well as the ball guide. Pay attention to having top and back spin on the short irons / wedge to give you control options on small greens or reaching a more distant target without adding another shot.

We hope this guide was useful. Please head to the Answers Page ig you have any questions for golf clash.

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