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Golf Clash club guide

Golf Clash club guide
Golf Clash Guide

This is a quick guide to the clubs in Golf clash. The clubs that you can unlock and upgrade and recommendations for what clubs you will need to compete in various tournaments.

Types of Clubs:

These are the types of clubs available that you will use while playing.
Long Iron
Short Iron
Rough Iron
Sand Wedge

There is also the Putter. This is not dealt with here as it is a single club with no unlocks or upgrades available.

Clubs are unlocked and upgrades through acquiring club cards from match rewards. Club cards also have a tour level, 1 through 7. This means that you only have a chance to earn those club cards in chests with that Tour number or higher. They can also be found in the shop but finding higher tour level club cards in the shop is restricted by your trophy count.

The unlockable clubs are found in three different rarities: Blue (common), Yellow (uncommon), Purple (rare). Blue and yellow clubs will be easy to obtain but the best, purple, clubs will take some time to gain.

Club details:

- Blue clubs can be upgraded to level 10 - requires a total of 3,784 cards
- Yellow clubs can upgrade to level 9 - requires a total of 1,784 cards
- Purple clubs can upgrade to level 8 - requires a total of 784 cards

Note: Stats and preferences are more important than the clubs tour level and rarity.

Every Tour allows you to gain 1 club of each type. (e.g. Tour 1 can unlock 1 wood, 1 diver etc) below is a table of the clubs you can gain from each tour.

Long Iron
Short Iron
Rough Iron
Sand Wedge
Tour 1
The Rocket (Blue)
The Horizon (Purple)
The Grim Reaper (Purple)
The Apache (Yellow)
The Dart (Blue)
The Roughcutter (Yellow)
The Castaway (Purple)
Tour 2
The Extra Mile (Yellow)
The Viper (Blue)
The Backbone (Blue)
The Kingfisher (Purple)
The Firefly (Purple)
The Junglist (Purple)
The Desert Storm (Blue)
Tour 3
Big Topper (Purple)
The Big Dog (Yellow)
Goliath (Yellow)
The Runner (Blue)
The Boomerang (Purple)
The Machete (Blue)
The Malibu (Yellow)
Tour 4
The Quarterback (Blue)
The Hammerhead (Purple)
The Saturn (Blue)
The Thorn (Yellow)
The DownInOne (Yellow)
The Off Roader (Purple)
The Sahara (Purple)
Tour 5
The Rock (Yellow)
The Guardian (Yellow)
The B52 (Purple)
The Hornet (Yellow)
The Skewer (Blue)
The Razor (Yellow)
The Sand Lizard (Blue)
Tour 6
Thor's Hammer (Purple)
The Sniper (Blue)
The Grizzly (Yellow)
The Claw (Blue)
The Endbringer (Purple)
The Amazon (Purple)
Houdini (Yellow)
Tour 7
The Apocalypse (Purple)
The Cataclysm (Purple)
The Tsunami (Purple)
The Falcon (Purple)
The Rapier (Yellow)
Nirvana (Yellow)
Spitfire (Purple)

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