Golden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon

Beginners Guide to Golden Bazaar

Golden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon Guide


Golden bazaar is tycoon business building game set in a mythical middle eastern world of genies. You start your rise to fame and fortune with the help of a genies magic and then develop your business empire through helpful retainers and trade alliances. The game will let you play as a male or female character and through the game you will meet companions, through which you can produce offspring to further your trading empire.

Beginners Guide to Golden Bazaar

Hints and tips to get started in Golden Bazaar

The game itself will run you through the basics of playing as tutorial prompts when you start. Your progress will unlock functions and you will be told when to build properties, hire staff and upgrade retainers. Follow these along and you will make a good start. You can of course hire more workers than suggested, or tap on the bank for income more than required.

Remember to claim your rewards whenever you earn them to help you gain the items you need to upgrade and expand. From the Home section you can find many options to earn and collect free rewards. You will also get rewards from every task that you compete and from completing achievements in the game. Make sure to check these items daily.

From the Home screen check the Event shop for any free items. When you obtain any raffle tickets you can visit the Luck draw option for a chance at the rewards there. It makes sense to save up 9 tickets though to let you have 10 spins. Select the 7-day login option to find more free rewards with the Daily tasks, and the timed rewards.

Beginners Guide to Golden Bazaar

The bank is a useful source of income but unlike the passive income that you earn from your properties you need to tap it to collect it. You can do this up to 250 times a day so when you need cash head there and get tapping. If you are likely to upgrade (Expand) the bank soon its worth waiting to collect until after you do as the money you will get for your taps will increase.

As well as earning form your properties you need to increase your fame and worth to help you earn more and get better deals. This will also be the metric by which you are measured when it comes to negotiating trades with other merchants and battles with enemies in the suburb.

To help you with this you will be recruiting Retainers and upgrading their skills, talents and aptitude to increase your worth. The better your retainers are the better your business will run. Make sure that you deploy any retainers thsat you have to your businesses to provide the income bonuses that they bring. You should also remember to check and upgrade your business properties whenever you can.

The trade section will also help your progress along as completing the orders will unlock more features in the game Use the trade button on the lower right to make your trades along the path and then face a merchant to sell your goods. You can use the auto trade option to speed this up. If you do then you will skip the Events that you encounter along the way. Remember to find these afterwards in the Event option on the left. Handling each event will bring in extra rewards. You do not need to do them immediately but you can only skip and hold on to up to 20 events without losing them.

Negotiating a trade
Negotiating a trade

If you have any questions for playing Golden Bazaar please head over to our Answers Page to ask there.


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