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Companions Guide

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Companions in Golden Bazaar are another way to gain powerful bonuses to your worth and earnings. Alongside the Retainers they will help you become more powerful. And in addition through dating them you can produce offspring which will further improve your earnings.

Companions in the game will be the opposite gender to the one you select for your own profile. However in some case the gender (image) can be changed through the use of Magic Mirror items that you can obtain from the mall for diamonds.

How to get Companions

You will start the game with 1 default Companion but as you level up and unlock new areas of the game you will encounter more and be able to add them. Some will need to be recruited which can be done in a similar way to the Retainers.

From the Home screen tap on the companion to open the list of all companions. From the list of Unacquainted companions you can tap on each to view them. In the bottom right is an icon showing where you can obtain them from. In some cases this is a special event, Or a milestone in the game. In other cases you will be told where you can recruit them from.

How to improve companions

Your companions stats will be based on their charm and the intimacy rating you have with them. The better this is the better bonus they an provide for your earnings and the better the stats of any offspring you may have with them can be. You can improve these stats by dating the companions and by gifting items to them.

In addition to this the companion will also have skills that can be upgraded and a bond via related retainers that you can upgrade.


Through the option to date the companions you will have the chance to produce offspring. Offspring are then raised by Enhancing them. This is done with 'Vitality' which will slowly regenerate. Doing this will add to your worth and allow them to grow up. When this process is maxed out your now adult offspring can be married off.

The better the ratings (intimacy and charm) of the companion that gave you the offspring the better stats (earnings) of the offspring can be. High status companions can produce higher status offspring as well which will allow you to choose a better education for them also improving the earning and credit you can gain from them.

If you have any further questions about companions on Golden Bazaar please head over to the Answers Page.

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