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Retainers Guide

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The retainers in Golden Bazaar are a vital part of your business empire as they provide bonuses and strength to all areas. Acquiring retainers, using them wisely and upgrading their attributes will let you advance easily and overcome all the challenges of the game. Along side Companions they act as the NPC hero / special characters of your game.

Retainers have skills, talents and an overall aptitude level that will determine how much they will level up. Each will be of a certain class. There are 5 classes: Scholar, Farmer, Artisan, Merchant and Brawler. The class will determine some of the retainers skills and their use to you. As you unlock the skills and upgrade them then you will benefit from using them in the right areas of your business.

Retainers Guide

How to get Retainers

You will start of with 1 retainer to help you and as you level up through increasing your earning and fame you will gain more. There are opportunities to recruit further (and better) retainers to your business through several options in the game.

The lucky raffle which you can play using raffle tickets that you will get as rewards gives the chance to win Retainer Cards that you can exchange for high level retainers.

You will also earn recruitment items which are used to select a type of retainer to recruit. You will need 10 to make a recruit. To use them go to the Suburb screen and find the Recruit option. Then you can select which type of retainer to obtain.

How to Improve retainers

Yo view your retainers go to the Retainer option on the bottom menu and select any you have unlocked.
The main stat of a retainer is their 'Worth' This can be increase through leveling them up. this is done with credits that you will receive through trading.
There are also a lot of other aspects that you can improve in order to add to the worth.
Bond: Gaining associated companions will increase the bond
Curios: Earned as rewards these can be applied to add a bonus.
Skills and Aptitude: These can up upgraded with special items earned such as potions and books that can relate the the retainers class.

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