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Gacha Club is the latest in the Gacha series of games from Lunime. After a long build up, the game finally launched at the end of June 2020 on Android, an iOS version is slated for sometime later (How to Download Gacha Club), we've taken a look at the game and put together our list of Gacha Club cheats and tips.

Gacha Club Cheats and Tips

Look out for redeem codes, these could be exclusive to your game, so there may not be a list available on the list to try. They appear from time to time as you play through the game.

If you get a Gacha Club Code you can use them in the game by going to options and selection the phone icon, then simply tap in the code number that you have to get the associated reward.

Play through the game and get XP, then you'll be able to level up your favorite characters quickly. Remember to balance your team as best you can as different characters are strong and weak at different things.

There are four play modes to go through Story, Training, Tower and Shadows or Corruption. Each mode offer something different, you'll get the chance to pick up more unique characters by playing through the Shadows of Corruption stages.
So many to choose from!
So many to choose from!

Play the Mini Games. The mini games are really fun and well made, and offer another route to getting more XP and points.

Pay attention to the element guide to work out the strengths and weaknesses and which type of team you need to put together to defeat certain enemies, this is especially useful during boss battles.
Gacha Club Element Guide
Gacha Club Element Guide

Upgrading Your Units

Don't forget to upgrade your units to make them stronger in the game.

You can use enhancement fairies to level up your units. At levels 50,60,70,80 and 90 you can Awaken your units to increase their level cap.

Also remember to enhance the skills of a unit to make them stronger in battle. Units have active and passive skills that can be upgraded.

Get Tickets

Players can acquire the units from gacha banners. All the gacha banners have different drop rates for the units. The best gacha banner is ticket gacha as it has a 90% drop-rate for the units and 10% for a legendary unit. While other gacha banners have a 1-4% drop rate(for units).

There are a few ways to get free ticket gacha, one is to share a review of the game, another is from the gold gacha, and finally sometimes there is a chance to pick up gacha tickets during events.

Get Pets

Pet's are great additional items to increase the power of your units. There are over 150 different pets at the moment, and it would not surprise me if more are added with later updates. Each pet offers a different boost to your character.
Gacha Club
Gacha Club

Gacha Club is an incredibly well made game, and from our playthrough we enjoyed it a lot and it offers a lot to gamers that are fans of this genre.

If you need any help with this game, reach out to the gamers on this site with a Gacha Club question .

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