Fantasy Defense 2

Fantasy Defense 2

NHN Entertainment Corp.
Version: 1.0.3.KG | Low Maturity

Welcome to the Defense world!
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[Game feature]

★★Make your own combination and defeat your enemies★★
Close-combat specialist Warrior, Deadly shooter Archer,Special attacks Wizard…
Make the best team combining with different units and defeat the evil Satan.
As the game progresses, the kind of unit that can be used will increase.
Use the variety of items and lead the fight to your victory.

★★Growth/evolution will make your units grow strong★★
Train your ordinary Warrior to be an elite Warrior!
Through the evolution your units will transform to a prestige class unit.
The prestige class unit will be more powerful and even get a special additional effects.

★★change in the dynamics of the battle! The Heroes★★
Defender the guardian of the battlefield, Witch who can make special spells, leave no trace the Assassin!
Heroes have their special skills, they could use these skills and change in the dynamics of the battle.
Use your best hero and make the best tactic to defeat the evil Satan.

★★Challenge the various stages★★
There are 3 chapters with 45 stages.. there are numerous monsters waiting for your challenge!
Each Chapter has different theme and different monsters.
Hurry! defeat all the monsters and defend your land from the evil Satan!
* All the data of Fantasy Defenders 2 will be saved in your device, so if you delete the game from your device all the datas will be initialized. Please be careful.

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