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Best Strategies

Best Strategies
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When you are playing a Freemium Grinder and you are looking for serious progress the trick is to seek out and make use of the most strategic shortcuts you can in the game. If you have a lot of experience with this type of game you will be able to figure most of them out for yourself, but if not, well that is why we are here!

Based upon our long experience with this genre and game mechanic -- and our intensive play time with Quest for Stuff, we offer you the following strategies for obtaining best results in your game play:

1. Save your Clams

Even if you are only accumulating Clams via the Neighbor visits (1 Clam a day), the special quests (30 to 45 Clams) and the collections (varies but will eventually total 240 Clams not including the 100 Clams for the Characters You Buy Collections since you would actually have to spend Clams on them).

What that means basically is if you save those Clams -- and you take advantage of the special sale events -- you will be able to get to three Builders. If you chose to do the $5 Clam Quest you will be able to get all four Builders.

Special Quests and Collections will feed you Free Clams
Special Quests and Collections will feed you Free Clams

2. Play multiple times a day

While Clams are an important consideration, you actually need lots of the free money - Coins - to make serious progress in the game, and the only way to get that is to have all of your characters doing Tasks and collecting the Tax from your buildings as often as you can.

For that reason it is a really good idea for you to play multiple times each day - as often as every hour or two - since a lot of the building timers will complete in 30m to an hour, so you will be collecting Coins and XP at each Log In.

3. Expand your town strategically

Give a priority to clearing and adding land expansions. The reason for that is simple because in spite of the fact that doing so will occupy your Builders and eat away at your Coins, it is the best way to allow you to create Coin Farming lots.

You should seriously make an effort to unlock and add ALL of the Land Expansion Slots for each District prior to unlocking the next District. That way you are focused on the proper priority and are not put in a position where you are tempted to pursue the story in place of that progress.

A 10 Common Office Coin Farm can be a serious income source
A 10 Common Office Coin Farm can be a serious income source

4. Build Coin Farms

The best way to ensure a solid income is to create the conditions that will best profit for you. What that means in simple terms is to be smart about the buildings that you buy and place.

If you look at the available structures, while there are several different types of Office Building the one with the best stats and lowest cost for those stats is the Common Office. It costs $150 to build each one, but they only have a 1h timer and pay out 5XP and $10 an hour! That means if you are logging in one time per hour you are going to get 5 XP and $10 for each of the Common Office buildings you have.

If you do the math, a Coin Farm of just x10 of those buildings will cost you $1,500 Coin but will earn you 50 XP and $100 Coin PER HOUR. If you are logging in say 10 times a day, that is $1000 Coin and 500 XP from JUST those 10 buildings!

Add in the Coin and XP from the other buildings in your town and you can make some wicked fast progress because you will never really have to wait long to have the money you need for the next effort.

5. Focus on Resource Tasks

There are a wide variety of Tasks that each of the characters in your town can perform - and when they are on a Mission it makes sense to have them perform the relevant Task -- but when they are not you should try to focus on having them do Tasks that can result in the reward of a resource for either unlocking characters or unlocking outfits.

The way that the game is structured you will only see the resource marker on Tasks when that resource is actually needed in the game - so keeping an eye out for that and being sure you choose those Tasks is golden.

Characters are worth more than just a collection point!
Characters are worth more than just a collection point!

6. Give Priority to Characters

While unlocking a new Outfit will help to add Clams to your game thanks to the collections, the fact is that giving priority to unlocking new characters makes more sense because they also unlock Clams for their collections but, more important, they are both the key to progress and larger profits in your game.

A character not only fills in a collection, it also creates wealth and XP via Tasks and helps in the process of obtaining needed resources as those are part of the rewards for specific Tasks.

In addition to that though, unlocking the characters and completing their Quest Lines is required in order to progress the story and unlock new Districts. The value then is pretty clear in giving priority to characters over outfits.


Making use of the tactics above will allow you to play a more strategic and productive game, and that means more fun, more entertainment, and less hassle. Win-Win!


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