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Land Clearance Issues

Land Clearance Issues
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As soon as you start playing the game you will encounter its major challenge element - the locked land expansion sections that you need to unlock as quickly as you can.

When you first help Peter to his feet after the disaster that befalls Quahog, you have only a very small area of open and useable land to work with, and you will be placing the primary homes in that space for Peter, Quagmire, and Joe.

As you work through the tutorial phase of the game it will have you begin to unlock and clear the land expansion lots, so you will quickly get a sense for what each requires in terms of funds and time, and the reality will be driven home to you just how crucial Builders are (more on that later).

The trick to staying on top in the game is to make every effort to collect the Coin that you need to both build the structures you need to build AND clear the land for each District, ideally BEFORE you unlock the next District and thus the next set of story missions.

Clearing Land is Key to Success - Make it a Priority!
Clearing Land is Key to Success - Make it a Priority!

After carefully examining the pace of the game and its inherent expectations for the player we have come to the conclusion that it makes more sense to delay unlocking a new District until you have completely cleared all of the expansion lands for the current one simply because by adding new expansion plots to the game while also adding new building requirements, you will quickly find yourself (and your resources) over-taxed.

By delaying the unlocking of the next District (and thus the next part of the story line) you give yourself the ability to continue expanding the game without the added pressures that come with wanting and needing to complete the different quest lines of the story.

In essence then, you should treat the land clearing as more important in short term than unlocking of new Districts.

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