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Another one of your responsibilities as chief of the tribe is to defend your village from attacks, and there is plenty of fighting to be done here. These raids come in waves containing 10 fleets each. This means 10 rounds of combat with lulls of a few minutes between each victory, and fortunately you get to decide when to engage in battle. Once you successfully defeat all 10 fleets, a 24-hour ceasefire occurs before a fresh wave comes in.

Defeat occurs when Berk's life bar (displayed at the top of the screen) is fully depleted, or when all of your dragons are defeated. There is no permanent consequence when you are defeated; your dragons will not die but instead just retreat and recover for a set period of time. The recovery period increases as your dragons gain levels. inning on the other hand will reward you with keys that can be used to open treasure chests at the end of battle. Ideally, you'll want to win battles as quickly as possible so that you can get all three keys. Post-battle spoils typically contain resources such as wood and fish, runes and gears. Collect gears to unlock battle-type dragons. Check the collections tab to find out how much gears you need to rescue each dragon along with the other required items to do so

The number of dragons you can deploy into battle are initially limited but can be gradually increased as the Meade Hall gets upgraded. The dragons are grouped into three types in combat - health (heart icon), damage (fire icon) and range (crosshair icon). Health dragons are the toughest of the bunch and take hits pretty well so you'll want to send them out first during a fight. Damage dragons specialize in attack which gives them impressive firepower but they can also be quite fragile and die quickly. Range dragons are the in-between; they are not too tough but aren't too fragile either. And best of all, range dragons can attack from a distance and usually stay out of trouble. Mix these three to your liking until you come up with the best combo.

As for the village, you have the catapult to fight with. This piece of weaponry expends quite a bit of energy with each use, and given that you only 30 energy available to be distributed between dragons and the catapult, you may want to use the latter sparingly at the beginning of a fight. Although there are usually several supply ships included in the enemy fleet so destroy these to get energy refills. Next up in the Berk's available armaments is the flare.

Normally, your dragons will only attack the ships closest to them so you'll need to throw a flare at the position you want them to go to attack a different target. Keep in mind however that the dragons don't fight back while they move to the new location so watch where you throw that flare.

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