Diggy's Adventure

Talk to the Professor

Talk to the Professor
Diggy's Adventure Guide

You now need to get to the Professor, start removing the blocks as you go down the path, but then you will need to save the dog, so instead of heading towards the Professor, go to the right to clear a path to the dog by removing the tiles.

At some point you will run out of energy, tap the satchel at the bottom of the screen when this happens and you can take the energy drink for 100 more energy.

To rescue the dog from the fire, you need to fix the pipe. Remove all of the dirt blocks that you can around the pipe pieces so you can get access and move those pieces. The first piece you need to move is the one directly above your head as you enter the gated section, push it up two slots to it's correct place. Then go back down and position yourself under the piece to the right, and move it up one space.

Now go to the space which is two spaces to the right of the dog and mvoe the pipe across one slot. Now you should be under the final piece, tap it, and move it up one space.

The pipe should now be completed and you can turn on the water by tapping the red wheel. This will put out the fire and save the dog! Tap the dog to complete this part of the quest then you can head over to the Professor by removing the necessary tiles. You will need to remove all tiles to complete this part. Just get to the professor, and tap him to complete the quest.

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