Diggy's Adventure

Another Map Piece - Diggtown Station

Another Map Piece - Diggtown Station
Diggy's Adventure Guide

Another Map Piece

Fix Pipelines (2)
Get Purple Jewel Key (1)
Open the Gate (1)
Take the map piece (1)

For this quest, you head over and start removing the blocks to the right to get access to the pipes that you need to fix. On the right side, there is one piece of pipe that you need to drag up, do this by positioning yourself on the square above the pipe and start pulling it up two squares into it's correct position.

Next go to the pipe on the right that is sprouting the water and pull up the piece into position. There there is one final piece that you need to drag to the left one square to complete the pipe. This will dry up the area around the statue on the right and you can start to make your way over to the left by clearing the yellow blocks.

Once you have made your way over to the pipes on the left start putting the pipes in their correct position. You can now get access to the brick with the jewel key, tap that, then tap the gate with the purple jewel. You can now get the map piece.

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