Diggy's Adventure

Secrets in the Library

Secrets in the Library
Diggy's Adventure Guide

Activate Laser Receiver (3)
Find Treasure (1)
Take Map Piece (1)

Start this level by removing the blocks to the right, you'll get to the next room where you can see a laser beam, but it's path is being obstructed by yellow blocks, remove those by tapping on them, this will activate the first laser receiver. Follow the path down and to the right until you get to a room with the red laser.

The first thing to do here is to move the rock to the left and then down to allow the red laser to continue it's path, then clear the remaining two dirt blocks, this will activate the second laser.

Carry on to the right and remove any dirt blocks that you encounter and you'll get to the treasure chest!

Now you should be able to go up the path, to the left of the treasure chest room, you need to pull the rocks into the center of the room and the green laser will complete.

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