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Dried Up Pond

Dried Up Pond
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Super simple first tutorial level, simply tap the blocks that are marked to rmeove them. You'll need to put a couple of pipes in the correct place too, to do this, tap the piece of pie, then tap where it needs to go. If you can't get it there, then you'll need to remove some debris.

Tap the worksheet at the bottom of the screen for the next set of instructions after you have set in place the first two piece of pipe.

The next part of this first stage, continue to remove the yellow block of debris, but also you'll need to discover a couple of levers to help you pass through, these are covered by green gloves, tap them to get access.

For the final two pipes, you will need to position yourself above each of the pipe parts and push the first one down, then pull the last one up.

A green glove will then appear over the red wheel which you can tap to fill the pond with water.

That more or less completes this stage, just tap the worksheet one more time, then tap dad, then it should tell you about the next stage, Farm Troubles.

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