Darkest AFK-idle RPG heroes
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Darkest AFK-idle RPG heroes

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Evil has been reborn! Demon, Orc, Wizard, Elf, Titan, etc.came to the world to destroy it, threatening the darkest afk! In this rpg idle games offline, you can play as each hero, defeating an ancient evil. Your task is to form a squad of the idle heroes, collect the best equipment and skills for them and pump them to the maximum level to save the world.
Gather your team of heroes and begin your journey through the Stone City, the Efreet Desert, and the impenetrable jungle. Try to go through the portal to the Dimension of Demons, passing the fortress of Inferno. You have nothing more to lose!

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Dragon Utopia
Defeat dragons and get equipment, gold, experience, medal, magic runes or a chest of gems!
Labyrinth of Madness
You have to go through the dangerous floors of the dungeon idle, which are filled with ancient evil. Take your equipment with you to descend further. Take healing first aid kits to increase the epic heroes health.
AFK Battle Arena
Defeat the hero arena battles against other players online and become the best!
Tower of Darkness
Come through the floor of the new Idle AFK strategy game, defeat enemies, triumph among the forces of evil and climb as high as possible!
Mines of the Abyss
Send your heroes on a treasure hunt! But keep in mind that the turn-based RPG search can take a long time.
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