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How to get support in the game

How to get support in the game
Cyber Hunter Guide

Cyber Hunter is currently still in pre release and only available in a few countries but is already proving popular. As a new game that is still under development there are bound to be issues and bugs as well as the possibility of players taking advantage of any glitches to manipulate the game.


There is an in game support option that you can access from the lobby or while playing. To use it tap the setting cog icon at the top of the screen to enter the settings menu, then select the 'Support' option at the bottom. This has various help topics for you from bug reports to player reporting, as well as a contact us form that lets you send details of any issue to the developers.


The game developers also have a helpdesk email address that you can use if you want to contact them outside of the game. This is [email protected].
You may also be able to interact with the game devs via their social channels as below:

- Official site:
- Facebook Page:
- Facebook Group:
- Discord:
- Twitter:

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