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Game information and questions

Game information and questions
Cyber Hunter Guide

Cyber hunter is in a limited location pre release status at the moment. As of now the global release date is not been fixed. Netease (developers) have said that they are collecting data and feedback from the soft launch so that they can address any problems before releasing the game globally.

The game is available on Android and iOs. The PC version is currently under development and it will be released a bit after the mobile version is globally released.

Recommended specifications to run Cyber Hunter
??At least 1.5G available space
??Requires Android 4.3 or later
? Requires OpenGL ES 3.0 or later

??Requires iOS 9.0 or later
??Requires iPhone 5s or later/iPad mini 2 or later/iPad Air or later/iPod 6 or later

Can you move your account data between IOS and Android?
Unfortunately, it is not possible. You will have to start over on the new device.

Customer support
The customer support email address is [email protected] Please use this email address for support tickets and to report any player abuse you may encounter.

Matchmaking depends on various factors like your in game level, your K/O rate, number of online players of your rank, etc. When more players of your rank are online, you can find matches almost instantly. However, when fewer players of your rank are online then it takes more time to find a match. Games may also contain bots to fill gaps.

Custom / private rooms?
As of now, this feature is unavailable. However, it may be implemented in the future.

More game modes?
Netease have stated that new game modes are currently in development and will be released eventually in future updates. There is no schedule for this as yet though

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