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Cyber Hunter Hints and Tips

Cyber Hunter Hints and Tips
Cyber Hunter Guide

This is a collection or recommended hints ans tips for playing Cyber Hunter. If you have any further tips please comment below or send them in using the Add Hints page above. If you have any questions for the game please check the Answers Page.

Set up and learn the Controls

There are a few options to allow you to customize the controls in Cyber Hunter. Initially you are able to change the fire controls if you wish. By default this will be on an auto fire mode but it is probably better to change to and get used to the manual fire mode. This is done in the game settings, Controls option, then select switch to manual-fire mode.

Here you can also change other button settings, the button size, position and layout. The game controls can be hard to get used to if you are not used to using multiple fingers but it is worth practising with to get better and make taking out the enemies easier. We would recommend playing the training mode if you want to master the controls.

Check out all the weapons

There are loads of weapons available in the game. It is a god idea to try them all out to find the weapons that you prefer to use and that suit how yo play. The game includes weapons of various classes. SMGs , Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Shotguns. To try all these weapons just use the training mode In this mode, you can practice with all the guns.

Pay attention and stay alert

Keeping awareness of the enemies and your surroundings and keeping on the move is a good idea to keep you safe from attacks and snipers hunting you when you stay in one place. Keep an eye out for red spots on the mini-map. These red spots display the shot direction, the enemy direction. Remember also the roll function to help you evade when you don;t know where you are being attacked from,

Use teamwork

Communicating with players in your squad or friends you are playing with is a useful function to help you. The quick Chat function is the best way to communicate if not using the mic. Near the mini-map, you can find the message icon, tap it and use the quick messages. For example an enemies spotted ahead message lets you share the location of the enemy.

You can also share items that you have collected if you are playing with friends or in squad mode. You can pass on any item by dropping it Tap the bag, then hold down the item and drag it to the ground part.

Make good use of the Droid Skills

The droid skills are very useful especially if you find yourself in trouble. You can set up and adjust the droid skills in the droid skill settings. This will give you useful buffs, for example, you can craft a bike if the safe zone is far or you can deploy a shield if the enemy is targeting you.

Keep looking for better loot

Remember to keep hunting for the chests and airdrops to find the better quality armor accessories. And make sure to keep collecting the boosters, medkits or bandages.

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