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So you want to be the next big Gangster? You've come to the right page, because we've got a load of Crime Kings: Mafia City cheats, tips and strategy to help you become the big boss in this new Gacha RPG from Elex.

In the game you need to unlock and develop your team of gangsters, much like you do in other familiar RPG Gacha games and play your way through a number of levels in the main campaign plus get involved in all of the other things to do in the game.

Crime Kings: Mafia City Cheats, Tips and Strategy

These tips are most suited to new players to the game, we can guide you through the initial steps of what to do and where to look for things and how best to level up your gangsters.

1. Unlocking New Gangsters
When you start the game you start with a couple of Gangsters, get through the tutorial stages and you can basically roll to summon a batch of 10 new Gangsters for free. Look out for the ones with the most stars, these will be your main gangsters that you'll want to focus on and develop.

2. Who and how to level up
When you have a few Gangsters, and have played through the first few levels, collect all of the free rewards that you can in the game at this point, then tap the head icon at the bottom, that will take you to your gangsters page... Something like this:
Crime City Gangster Team
Crime City Gangster Team

You want to find the one with the most stars and tap that card, if you have to option to add items, it will show you by lighting up the 'wear' icon, tap it to auto equip this gangster with the best gear you currently have that is unequipped.

Then head over to the level up tab and hold that down until you have your gangster at the level you want him, or you have run out of equipment to level him up.

You may want to save some of your leveling power to distribute it to other members of your team!

3. Summon New Gangsters
You can summon new Gangsters in the Archives. You can make a normal summon or a secret summon. Normal Summon means you'll just get shards of a character, and not a complete character. With the Secret Summon you'll get complete characters. What one you can do depends on what tickets you have.
Summon New Gangsters
Summon New Gangsters

You can also Secret Summon x10 with 2700 Gems.

4. Ascend Gangsters
You can also increase the star level of some of your gangsters, you just need to Ascend them. This is done in the Assembly building. The great thing is that the game takes away all of the complications with the 'Auto Ascend' function, just be sure you don't use your best gangsters as fodder when you don't realise!
Ascend Your Best Gangsters in the Assembly
Ascend Your Best Gangsters in the Assembly

5. Build a Balanced Team of Gangsters
As with any RPG, you really want to build a balanced team in order for you to progress well through the levels. To help you do this, go to your gangster character pages and tap the icons below the name on the left, you can then see their faction, weapon and vocation.

Faction is important as there are also faction bonuses if you have a team with a lot of members belonging to the same faction.

Vocation is what tells you how this character plays, is he a healer, DPS, AoE etc... Balance your team you so have at least one healer, tanks are also great at the front.
Gangster Vocation
Gangster Vocation

Those are our tips to buildings the best gangster team in Crime Kings: Mafia City.

Don't forget to check the game for daily tasks, free AFK rewards, if you need any help with the game, please header over to our Answers page and post your question .
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