Manage Your Own Civilization with Clicks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander into a settlement and its people randomly considering you to be their ruler? In Civcrafter, that is exactly what happens.

Your destiny as the people’s leader begins when you download the game for free for both Android and iOS platforms. There are ads in the game but they don't seem to pop up often. A good thing since when they do pop up, they take up most of the screen. The ads can be removed completely though by any purchase of the game's In-App purchases which come in the form of Gold coins. These gold coins are used to speed up batch building, increase population by bulk, and conducting research are some of the instances that you can use with a large amount of gold to speed them up which isn't recommended and should be used for emergencies.

The game starts out oddly in that you arrive into this settlement and you are suddenly asked for your name and later asked if you want to rename the land. They clearly cannot think for themselves so they hire a traveler to be their lord. You, on the other hand, cannot refuse a request. So you fit in well with the people here. From here, you listen to your advisor on how to run the land. Early on, you will start by tapping feverishly on resources until you have a sizeable workforce to do the harvesting for you.

Civcrafter seems like just another run-of-the-mill clicker type of game out there. Well at first it seems so. But as you upgrade stuff in your land like the buildings, research and wartime capability it will prove to be more than just a simple clicker game. From your humble beginnings of worrying about your basic resources like food, wood, and stone while working with the meager population you have. Then you worry less about the basic resources and you try to get your special resources such as skins from harvesting food, ore from gathering stone, and herbs from gathering wood up—so that you can create leather from skins and metal from ore.

Herbs are used by some troops and the healers to cure your citizens if they ever get sick. Moving on from that means you are ready to start creating military forces. Join or create a clan, build wonders and of course... collect even more cats (which the developers insist on keeping a secret alongside the rally button when you enter a fight). All these while balancing your civilization's needs.

The graphics consist of simple 6-bit graphics quality but enlarged by a fair bit. It is similar to other games trying to get a retro look. They even do that bouncy thing South Park does to simulate walking or movement. It is nothing flashy but it gets it done and does it well. The sound is good and is quite fun to listen to. I especially like the tune that plays when you enter a battle. The background music is weird that it sometimes just goes silent. I'm unsure if this is intentional or the game was just bugging out.

Civcrafter is a deceptively simple game that rewards your persistence early on with an intriguing game that will not eat up a lot of your time. That is if you decide to do things passively and not still be tapping madly at the buttons. It is one of those games you can pick up and put down anytime you wish. It is fairly well balanced too that you don't really need to spend anything on it by buying gold coins. Rushing to "end-game" will beat the purpose of games like this anyway. Civcrafter is an easy recommendation especially if you like managing stuff.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Apr 30th 2015

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