Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
CivCrafter Guide

1. Gatherer balancing
If you may have noticed, even early in the game, it takes a whole lot more gatherers to gather food in comparison to the other two resources. To keep a stable food supply for your citizens, you must have roughly more than half of your maximum population on food gathering. This will be reduced later after you complete some research. Remember this always whenever you get more citizens.

2. Secondary resources and the materials they make
The secondary resources are skin from food gathering, herbs from wood gathering, and ore from stone gathering. These resources are gathered randomly while harvesting the three basic resources. If you want to keep a stable supply of materials like leather from skins and metal from ore, you may want to boost your wood and stone gatherers to a fairly large amount. Also getting the research or upgrade to boost the chances of finding these resources are essential.

3. Keep your secondary resource generation higher than your production of leather or metal
Do not let your tanners (those that make leather from skins) and blacksmiths (those who make metal from ore) exhaust your skin and ore supply since these resources are not used solely for creating leather and metal.

4. Conserve your gold coins
Using your gold coins is tempting but do not spend them unless you really need to. Gold is pretty hard to come by and the only way of getting even a single coin is random from a trader that will buy some of your resources for a gold coin.

5. Moving up (or not) in the raid ladder
When you are able to build your military units, you are given the option of attacking a thorp, hamlet, village and so on. Attacking a higher ranking settlement means you cannot attack a lower type in the future. So if you attack a village, you no longer can attack a thorp or a hamlet. Remember this as you may not be ready to fight someone stronger constantly.

6. Building a wonder
Building a wonder is a tricky thing. When you unlock it, you have to assign laborers to work on it. The problematic part is building a wonder takes a lot of your resource. More often than not, it will drain out all your resources if you placed too many laborers to work on it. You might take a look later and see that your resources are all drained out. Only build a wonder if you have a really high resource production line. Alternatively, you can just put one or two laborers to work on it so that it is still progressing.

7. Tap to level up
Tapping gives experience. Early on, you'd be leveling up fast because you are tapping frequently just to even gain resources. Later on when you are no longer doing this, you will notice your level not going up as fast anymore. This is because you are no longer tapping as much as you used to. Especially when the game introduces the x10, x100, x1000 buttons to mass produce stuff. Do remember that you get exp for each tap and tapping a x1000 button once doesn't give you 1000exp. It just gives 1 experience point since you only tapped once. So keep this in mind.

8. Cats and the Rally button
Just collect a lot of cats. As far as I've noticed, you can get them from doing anything really. The developer claims it's a secret. Also tap the rally button. No one knows what those do but who knows…maybe someone someday reading this will find out.
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