Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game

Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game

Version: 1.32.03 | In-Game Purchases

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Chain Cube is a twist on the popular 2048 numb er matching games. Presented in a 3D block firing layout with realistic physics effects and movement you will need to aim the blocks to make the matches and let them bounce aound to create chains of matches.

1. Aim with your 3D die.
2. Shoot and hit the block with the same color and number.
3. Group together blocks to reach 2048!

The game will lt you continue past the 2048 target as hopefully ou can reach this quite easily. Keep matching and combining the blocks to see how far you can progress.

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Great game for killing time where you don't have to think. Game goes on forever if you don't cross the line with any of your cubes. I'm at 1 billion now after a few months playing off and on.
4.0 / 5.0

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