Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

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Castle fusion is an update to the previous turret fusion game from Shark Jump. In this new installment you will be defending your empire against an invasion of orcs and goblins as you merge, click and idle your way to a huge arsenal. The game also features an amusing story line as you unlock the weapons and upgrades. Below we have some Castle Fusion tips and cheats.

As with other idle games you can leave the game to generate the scraps for you while you are buy. Your development will not move forward but when you return to the game you will have a healthy supply of scraps to turn to your defensive needs.

Castle Fusion Codes

At the time of writing, March 2020, there are a number of active redeem codes that you can easily enter to get extra free gems, and later in the game, more souls.

Here are the working Castle Fusion Codes and how to enter them.

To enter the free gem codes, go to the Market/Shop, and scroll to the bottom, there will be a place to Enter Codes, then you can use all of the following Castle Fusion Codes for free gems:

FREESODA - 10 Gems
BIGDADDY - 10 Gems
NO FOG - 15 Gems
GOBLIN - 20 Gems
COINAGE - 40 Gems

Castle Fusion Codes
Castle Fusion Codes

Later in the game you can also use the code, 2SPOOKY4ME, to get 1000 souls.

Castle Fusion Tips and Cheats

The scraps are used to buy crates in the workshop to improve the rate of weapons boxes and scrap collection. Make sure you remember to do this to give your self the best possible income, especially when you are going to be idle from the game.

Scraps are also used in the forge to buy yourself move towers to merge. If you are actively laying then this will be a quick way to make progress.

Merge Towers to Create More Powerful Towers and Unlock New Ones
Merge Towers to Create More Powerful Towers and Unlock New Ones

Keep an eye out for birds appearing in over the battle area while you are playing. Tapping these will shoot them down and give you and extra bonus of scraps. Some will let you watch a video for even more scraps.

If you have any questions for this game please ask them below of head to the Answers Page to see if it has already been answered.
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I enjoy the app a lot mostly b/c of the possibility of saving the progress and that motivated me to play! I’m rank 131 + 75 updates to use. What does better alchemy mean anyways? None of players ever answered it...
5.0 / 5.0

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