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How to Get More Energy

How to Get More Energy
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In Emma's Adventure: California you use your energy every time you clear items from the map or complete other certain actions, such as shooting a bear! your energy replenishes naturally over time at a rate of 1 energy per 90 seconds, but there are a few good ways that we can suggest to get some energy back faster! Or how to get free energy in Emma's Adventure.

How to Get More Energy

1. Level Up!

Every time you level up you will get added to your current energy a complete bar-s worth of energy. So if your max energy is 50, you will get 50 added to your existing energy every time you go up a level.

2. Complete Quests!

Look in the quest menu, and try to complete whatever you can. This is the main aim of the game anyway, and a lot of the quests do come with some kind of energy return

3. Camp Fires

The Camp Fire is different to the main Fire which is found in the home farm. The Camp Fires appear on various levels and allow you to burn certain resources in return for energy. It's a great way to get energy quickly.

4. Unlock the Saloon

Once the Saloon unlocks you'll be getting access to 50 energy every 5 hours via a nice Cocktail!

5. Get the Olive Tree

Get the Olive Tree for a steady stream of free energy
Get the Olive Tree for a steady stream of free energy

The Olive Tree, while it takes a lot of energy to unlock, does return 30 lots of 20 energy (600 energy in total) over time. You can get the Olive Tree by completing the one of the stages of the Initiation Event.

6. Get the Rocket Stove

Find the Rocket Stove and you'll be able to burn some different resources in return for energy. This is also a great way to get energy in a hurry.

7. Complete Achievements

Once you have unlocked the Exhibition Building you can see the achievements that you have completed and still need to do. A lot of the achievements will give you free energy for completing them.

Complete Achievements for Free Energy
Complete Achievements for Free Energy

If you have any other suggestions to get more energy in the game, please let us know in the comments section below.

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