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California Escapades, previously known as Emma's Adventure: California, is a farm building adventure game where you play through various quests and develop your farm. Actions are completed using energy which is recovered over time. The game is incredibly well made and looks great, and while it is free, there are in-app purchases available to help speed things up. Below you'll find some Emma's Adventure: California cheats and tips to help you get started in the game, and some tips on how to get free energy.

Emma's Adventure: California
Emma's Adventure: California

California Escapades Cheats and Tips

1. Try to keep to the storyline and quests
While you are free to play the game however you like and explore and unlock items as they become available (for example once you reach a certain level). We recommend that you try to follow the storyline and quests, and try to do them in some sort of order, that way you use the resources that you need appropriately and not spend them for some mission that you don't need to complete right now, only to find yourself stuck for those same resources for something that you need to do in order to progress or unlock something critical in the game.

2. Invest in the farm
Keep unlocking new buildings and keep the queues full so you are continually producing resources and making things. These resources will be the foundation for your progress in the game, so having a heap of stuff ready for upcoming quests is a great time saver.

3. Keep harvesting
You really don't want to be going too long without your crops growing, keep harvesting and growing. You'll need to remember also to keep increasing the size of your storehouse in order to keep all of these items too!

4. Collect the rewards
There are loads of rewards to collect in the game, keep your eye out for the free stuff from completing quests and achievements. Also remember to log in daily to collect your daily reward.

Look out also for Mysterious Chests, basically the game will give you an opportunity to view a video ad in exchange for some materials.

Mysterious Chest
Mysterious Chest

If you are stuck on anything in particular in Emma's Adventure: California, please visit our answers page for the game, and post your question.

5. Keep making stuff!
You really want to keep your workers busy. Keep building stuff, so when you get a quest that needs items, you could well have already have made them. That goes for also keep on harvesting items from the map like quartz, iron, wood, ice etc... It will all come in handy.

Emma's Adventure: California Free Energy

Certain items in the game will give you free energy, look out for these and grab them. Your energy does replenish over time, so if you are at the end of your session with the game, don't grab those free energy resources and you'll be refilling for free by the game anyway, save them until you need them.

You can also get an energy boost when you level up, this can include an increase to your maximum available stored energy, and also a replenishment of your energy, so it is a good way from going to zero to full!

Once you have unlocked the campfires and rocket stove, you can also use these to cook eligible items in order to get more energy. Check out, How to Use the Rocket Stove .

If at any point you are above your max energy, you will not replenish energy for free over time until you have gone below you max energy level. Energy normally replenished over time at a rate of 1 energy every 90 seconds.

We have some more great tips on how to get more energy in Emma's Adventure on our guide here:
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Pleasant enough. Some tools & resources are overly difficult to obtain, without spending cash to buy emeralds. Hammers for the foundry are particularly stingy.
3.6 / 5.0

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