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Top Best Games Like Emmas Adventure: California

by AppGamerMar 18th 2020

Emma's Adventure is a pioneering type game. In the case of Emma's Adventure: California, you start off in a small town and and complete quests which use up energy. Over time the energy is restored and you can keep on playing. Emma's Adventure is a massive game, and getting to grips with the wait and delay energy system can be frustrating at times, but if you manage to see the initial days through and unlock some new ways to get more energy quickly, it is a really enjoyable game.

So, for fans of Emma's Adventure: California and other pioneering games, we thought we would put together this list of games like Emma's Adventure: California which you may be interested in trying.

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Top Best Games Like Emmas Adventure: California
Top Best Games Like Emmas Adventure: California

Games Like Emma's Adventure: California

Klondike Adventures

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Klondike Adventures is incredibly similar to Emma's Adventures from the way the screen looks, to some of the terminology used in the game. It has a similar energy usage gameplay method where youa re given a set amount of energy which is consumed as you complete actions and is repeated over time or by getting free energy somehow.

Klondike is full of interesting quests and there are lots of ways to get free energy in the game. The game is regularly updated with new quests and time limited events and at the time of writing, has a very large and active player base.

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Polynesia Adventure

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Set in 20th Century Polynesia, Polynesia Adventure is anothe game similar to Emma's Adventure, but set in a completely different geographical location. There are many quests, and many things to unlock as you work your way up through the levels. The game operates a similar energy system, so if you are used to how that works you won't have any surprises here.

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Wild West: New Frontier

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Build and run your own farm in the Wild West with Wild West: New Frontier. This game takes more of a farm building angle. The idea is that you develop your farm, complete orders and compete in the different events that the devlopers add to the game on a regular basis.

There is loads of stuff to unlock in Wild West: New Frontier, and the game is NOT based on the energy usuage system, so you are free to play for as long as you want without running out of energy! That doesn't mean there are no delays however as you will still have to wait for crops to grow, and to get enough resources to unlock new things.

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We hope you enjoy checking out some of our suggestions for games like Emma's Adventure: California, if you have any other suggestions that you think we should add to our list of similar games, then please drop us a comment below.


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