Butterfly Sky

Butterfly Sky

Cute Kiddie Friendly Endless Runner

Cute Kiddie Friendly Endless Runner
Butterfly Sky is one of the cuter endless runner type games around, definitely targeted towards the younger gamer with it's look and feel, however the gameplay will interest any fan of this genre whatever your age.

Butterfly Sky is free to download, however there are in app purchases, these are not obligatory and are not needed to fully enjoy the game.

The premise of this game is that you bounce on clouds and try to progress as far as you can collecting as many butterflies as you can. Along the way there are various power ups and special clouds to help you bounce further. It's a simple on finger control, you tap or tap and hold down on the screen to make your character bounce down from the air and try to land him onto a cloud below you... you then bounce off again and so on...

Review of Butterfly Sky on AppGamer.com

While it's a pretty cute game and gives a different take on the endless running genre, it is very unforgiving if you mis-time a bounce, once you press the screen to start your drop down to a cloud, if you know you have mis-timed it there is no way out! You gonna fall through dem clouds! - Unless of course you have a red bird flying below (one of the power-ups you can collect or purchase).

The graphics are great, visually it's very appealing to kids with it's fun bright graphics. The sound for me is too annoying though!

In conclusion it's one that is worth downloading, whether or not you'll be enticed to keep playing it over a long period is another story - but hey it's free!

We've got a few hints and tips for this game over on our guide page for Butterfly Sky, you can check them out by following this link.
3.8 / 5.0
review by Rich | May 15th 2014

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