Butterfly Sky

Top 7 Hints and Tips

Top 7 Hints and Tips
Butterfly Sky Guide

Butterfly Sky is a fairly simple game, so doesn't warrant a whole walkthrough on this website, but we have put together a collection of our top seven hints and tips for this game which you can find below.

1) Watch the Video. At the start game screen you are sometimes given an option to watch a video ad in exchange for some in-game currency, it's a good way to get some for free.

2) Like the game on FaceBook. They'll give you 1,000 butterflies to exchange for stuff in the game.

3) Avoid the dark clouds! It can be a shocking experience ;)

4) Don't bounce too high all the time. It's a lot easier to manage lots of small jumps than to try to accurately land a lot of large jumps. Yes, sometimes high jumps are part of the game but for me, it's a lot easier to bounce on a lot of clouds lower down than to do lots of big jumps and to try to time the landings accurately.

5) Tap the Map Icon. On the game start screen the map icon will give you other areas of gameplay with varying difficulty levels.

6) Upgrade your power-ups. Use the butterflies that you have collected to upgrade the in-game power-ups such as the helpful bird.

7) If you reach 'Butterfly Heaven' do a small jump as soon as you get into the clouds this will give you the jumping momentum to grab more of the butterflies.

Butterfly Heaven
Butterfly Heaven

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