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Welcome to the this short guide for Ballz. The game is simple enough but we've put together a short list of tips and hints that may make things a little easier.

Top 3 Tips for Ballz

1. Get as many balls as you can

Pretty obvious really, but more balls means more brick hits usually, you'll want to unlock as many balls as you can as soon as you can as they will be with you for the whole rest of the game.

2. Get your balls behind the bricks

By this I mean you just don't really want to hit the lowest brick (unless you are desperate) you want to get your balls as far high up the screen so on the way down they will hit bricks, the gameplay clip below will show you what we mean.

Ballz Guide Video

3. Watch out for the big number bricks

Soon in the game you'll get bricks with some pretty big numbers, watch out that they don't get too low or you will have real problems getting rid of them.

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