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Entering a Room

Entering a Room
Assassin's Creed Rebellion Guide

As you play through the game in Legacy and Story Missions, the main part of the game will be choosing the correct hero from your team to enter a room to complete the task,

Select the most appropriate hero to enter the room.
This really depend on what you will face. If there is a trap, then someone that can disarm that trap will be useful (Hamid). If there are some enemies, then a hero with with high DPS will be great (Tariq), or if there are just too many enemies and you don't think your heroes can get past them, then perhaps someone from the shadow class will be best (Aguilar) to try to creep around them without being seen.

Entering a Room

For example in the next room there is a trap, so I'm going to send in my specialist in disarming, Hamid. I select the hero then the yellow door icon. Then you are given the information as to the likelihood of success. In this case 60% chance to disarm the trap, and 5% chance to get past it by walking on it!. I'll take the 60% disarm chance! Once disarmed, your other heroes will join you.

Entering a Room

Anytime you are about to enter a room you will see the stats of success by the currently highlighted hero. Tap other heroes to see which one has the best chance of success in order to select the correct hero to enter the next room.

Sometimes stats are not show but a general opinion, such as hard or easy. The best chance of success will be with the easy option!

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