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Building Rooms

Building Rooms
Assassin's Creed Rebellion Guide

Each room provides a different benefit or enables certain activities to take place. Building a room requires coin, wood and sometimes stone too. A new room may only be built when there is an empty room slot available.

There are 13 types of Room available, these become unlocked as you increase your Brotherhood Level.

Training Room - Unlocked at Start, a second trainig room can be unlocked when you reach Brotherhood Level 11
Living Quarters - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 3
Intel Room - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 3
Treasury - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 4
Weaponsmith - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 5
Armorsmith - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 6
Ceremony Room - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 6
Workshop - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 7
Living Quarters Extension - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 8
Storage Room - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 8
Library - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 10
Training Room 2 - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 11
Supply Toom - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 12
Apothecary - Unlocked at Brotherhood Level 20

Training Room
Allows you to train a hero to gain exp. To assign a hero to a room, tap on the room's activity button in it's bottom left corner. Select the hero you would like to train then select the Training Codex to use.

A hero earns experience points from training allowing them to level up and raise stats. You should utilise the training room as often as you can to assist in leveling up your heroes.

The training then commences and lasts according to the timer at the bottom left of the screen. As with most actions in this game this can be speeded up using

Training a hero increases their power score. The higher is is, the stronger the hero will be. You can also equip gear to increase a hero's power.

Training Codex
You need training codex in order to utilise the training room. You can get more training codex by completing standard missions.

Living Quarters
This room allows your heroes to rest and automatically regenerate Health Points over time when they are not on missions.

Intel Room
This room will allow you to generate intel over time which is necessary to start missions. Intel resources are used to launch missions. You can assign a hero to the Intel Room to help speed up intel acquistion.

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