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Who is the best hero in the game?

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Who is the best hero in the game?


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The best heroes in Assassins Creed Rebellion are probably the one of the Legendary rarity, but they are also the hardest to find and acquire in the game.

Some of the easier to acquire characters that I like so far are Tariq, he is a Common and an Enforcer, he has great damage per second and also has good tank attributes. He's really good during the beginning of the game until you can acquire a hero of a higher rarity, such as Domingo de la Torre or Jean Delacroix who can actually heal himself to last longer in combat, he also has fairly decent DPS but a really strong talk attribute.

Shao Jun is a Legendary, Shadow Class Hero, he's difficult to get but once you have him he has excellent assassination and stealth attributes, making him perfect as dual purpose Shadow Class hero.

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You know Shao Jun is a girl right?
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