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Best Hero Tier List

Best Hero Tier List
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There are three main class of hero in the game; Enforcer, Shadow and Specialist. Each hero also has fits into one of four rarity levels; common, rare, epic, legendary.

Usually any legendary character will be better than one of the lower rarity levels, but because of their rarity level they are also harder to acquire in the game.

In deciding which are the best characters in the game we must also look at what their special powers are and what you'll be using them for.

Tier List

Here we will try to put together a list of the heroes that we think are the best in the game. We've broken them down according to class.

Best Shadow Class Hero
Luis Chico - He is a decent hero to try to get in your team because not only does he have fantastic stealth attributes he can also navigate well and is adept at disarming traps and lockpicking chests, so his skill cross-over into the Specialist Class too. Although only of rare rarity, he is a very useful team member because of his cross-over attributes.

Maria - Although a legendary, so she's gonna be really hard to get, Maria excels at all three Shadow Class Attributes and her Active Skill the Poison Blade will ensure all of her enemies will meet their demise sooner or later! If you are not able to unlock her, then other Shadow Class heroes which are great include Magdalena Suarez (Rare) and Shao Jun (Legendary). And of course Luis Chico that we mentioned above.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze also deserves a worthy mention as he has very high DPS, Navigation and Assassination attributes making him the kind of hero that can perform multiple roles well while only occupying one team slot. He's another legendary so may also be hard to acquire too.

Best Enforcer Class Hero
Mario Auditore - This guy is pretty much a jack of all trades and master of none - Except DPS where he is very strong. His ability to absorb blows during battle as well as strike fast and often make him a worth unit to do battle in the early stages of the game. But his talents don't stop there... He is also good at Navigation (Shadow Class) and is a good Supporter too (Specialist Class). The support attribute means he will be inspiring to other party members gaining both critical and dodge changes for them.

The overall best Enforcer however is Girolamo Da Lucca who excells as AOE, DPS and Tank. You probably will not find a stronger enforcer in the game. Whether or not you'll be able to pick him up early is another matter as his rarity level is Legendary.

Best Specialist Class Hero
Gershon Deloya is a pretty decent specialist and should not be too hard to acquire as he is just a rare. He has very high support and disarm attributes, he just can't heal. If you have another hero in your team that can disarm traps well, then consider also Gaspar Donozo, a common level hero that has strong healing and support attributes

There are 46 Heroes to choose from in the game, let us know your favorites in the comments below. For a full list of heroes, check out our heroes page.

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