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Joining and Alliance

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It's really important to join an alliance as soon as you are able to in Age of Frostfall.

There are a number of reasons to do this. Joining an alliance will give you a great help bonus, this means that other alliance members can help you speed up building construction and upgrades.

As well as this speed up help, there are many more alliance features that will help you. Let's take a look at each one.

Alliance Store
Being part of alliance will give you access to the alliance store where you can spend your alliance credits on loads of great things such as speed ups, gold summoning horns, dragon intensity horn, hero EXP and much more.

You can only get access to the alliance store by being part of an alliance.

You can get alliance credits by making alliance donations, by clicking the alliance help button, assisting in the construction of alliance buildings and alliance gathering. These are all very easy to do, and offer a great path to get these premium ideas for free very easily.
Alliance Shop
Alliance Shop

Alliance Locker
Another benefit of being part of an alliance is the alliance locker. Here alliance leaders can send gift chests to members. Ordinary alliance members can also check the locker tab to see if there are any hero gift chests to open for free rewards
Alliance Locker Chests
Alliance Locker Chests

Alliance Protection
Being part of a strong alliance will mean it is less likely that you will get attacked by other players. Make sure you teleport to alliance territory as soon as you become part of an alliance. Generally alliances will have treaties with other alliances of non-aggression.
Teleport to Alliance Territory as soon as possible
Teleport to Alliance Territory as soon as possible

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