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Summoning Circle

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The Summoning Circle building is where you can try to recruit new heroes of shards of heroes. You get a free normal summon once every 24 hours which may give you some shards or a complete hero.

Summoning Hall
Summoning Hall

Silver summoning horns can be used to get more normal summons and gold summoning horns can be used for advanced summons.

Advanced summons are much better because you have a chance of summoning a legendary hero. In fact a legendary hero is guaranteed after 7 summons.

How to get silver summoning horns

Silver summoning horns are easily acquired by killing monsters.

How to get gold summoning horns

Gold summoning horns can be acquired by purchasing specific bundles in the shop, such as the hero pack. This will give you gold and 115 gold summoning horns.

Hero Pack can be purchased to get summoning horns
Hero Pack can be purchased to get summoning horns

You can also get gold summoning horns by completing daily quest. Another way to get gold summoning horns, is in your alliance store. This option is unlocked when your alliance has reached level 4.

Summoning horns and the summoning circle is a great way to get more shards of existing heroes and new ones, be sure to check it every day to get your free normal summon and complete your daily tasks to get free gold summoning horns.

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